Why choose SBC?

We find many companies today require a
mixture of offices, workshops and storage
solutions. We have the facilities here to
offer one or all of these options in a
friendly and comfortable working

Tailored for your Company needs

Many companies now work flexible
hours, so having pleasant working
surroundings to work in, where you know
everything is taken care of, will help your
business run smoothly.

Adjustable office space and needs.

Most businesses know what their immediate
space requirements are, but circumstances 
change. Here, clients know that our flexible
accommodation enables them to easily
increase (or decrease) their space
within the building.

■ Your complete package includes
Read more Your rental package includes:
•Business Rates • Heating • Building Insurance • Daily Office Cleaning • Electricity • Lighting • General Maintenance • Communal Cleaning • Water Rates • Furniture • Security/CCTV
here regarding what is included 
within the rental package and how we can 
help you to create the perfect 
office environment.

SBC House

  • SBC House

    Sutton Business Centre has been looking after commercial property accommodation for local, national and international businesses since 1987. 

    This includes branch offices for large corporate companies and helping new businesses start up. We offer a flexible solution to the office, workshop and storage needs of the growing business.  

    read more



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